Corporate Overview

SGF Environmental Consultants, Inc. (SGF) is a Florida licensed geological and asbestos consulting firm, and is also a certified radon measurement business with the Florida Department of Health. SGF has been in business since 1987 and has performed more than 4,000 environmental studies to date. Environmental consulting services have been provided to a wide variety of clients, including commercial lending institutions, life insurance companies, legal firms, realtors, corporate clients, mortgage brokers, and public sector clients. In total, SGF has assisted over 400 corporate and institutional clients, with their environmental consulting needs, some of which SGF has had the honor of serving since incorporation. SGF has devoted a substantial portion of its’ 37 year tradition of providing quality services to finding solutions to difficult problems such as those created by petroleum and hazardous substances, asbestos, and radon.

SGF provides their clients with technical information, guidance on current and imminent environmental regulations, and serve as a vital link between the client and regulatory agencies. SGF professionals can create and implement specific plans that satisfy both client needs and regulatory requirements. SGF staff addresses regulatory agency requirements from the client’s perspective to ensure realistic time schedules, costs, and minimal possible disruptions to the client’s operations.

The SGF professional staff is experienced in interpreting and applying environmental regulations and policies. SGF maintains an extensive reference library, which includes documentation of current environmental laws, regulations, policies, and ordinance at the federal, state and local levels. State of the art methods are utilized to collect and analyze data so that each investigation will provide reproducible information and a sound basis for environmental decisions and designs.